A little about me!

My Story
I grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario.  This helped shape me into who I am today.  A mother of 4 teenage boys, a wife to my husband for 20 years, and an entrepreneur!  I didn't begin my life in fashion but rather chose to be a stay at home mom for years.  Once my children were all in school I continued my education and got into the teaching profession working with kids with special needs.  This was such a rewarding job and I loved it so much, but as time passed I soon realized the uncertainty of job security was difficult to live with.  After not receiving a contract in the summer and wondering where my next paycheque was going to come from I decided to take a leap and start a new career.  I always loved working with kids who struggled, it was so amazing to see them rise above the challenges they faced and help them move forward in whatever area they needed.  This love for helping others see their inner strength and beauty is something I apply now and every day to my new career as a stylist.  Being an educator, I know how important it is to be educated and informed about things and so I have been now studying and reading every fashion blog, checking the latest trends, and even toying with designing a few pieces myself.  Having a high ability to empathize with women, I love to be able to help women find their strength and confidence.  How you feel about how you look dramatically affects how confident you are.  With a level of professionalism, honesty, integrity and just good old fashioned love,  I help women find pieces that will accentuate the positive and do away with the negative.  
I can't wait to meet you! :)